5 Digital Marketing Trends Everyone Must Know in 2021

No industry of the world is evolving faster than digital marketing. Despite being some uncertainties throughout the world due to COVID-19 pandemic. 2020 showed everyone how important it is to expand digitally. Every business is looking to migrate on digital platforms which can be the only option remaining to them to stay competitive in this fast changing world. Some of digital marketing trends flourished with huge expectations in 2021. Because of staying at home culture use of e-commerce rapidly grown. Due to these bad impacts the only way to survive is to become an expert in digital marketing. Digital Marketing is the need of the hour. To learn digital marketing, as per my experience you can contact one of the best digital marketing institute in Kanpur, DigiBask Training Training anytime.Here we will discuss the digital marketing trends that you should know and start implement them into your business.

1-Micro Content- Micro content, especially videos, is what audience love to consume now-a-days. Micro-video platforms like YouTube stories, Instagram reels and Facebook stories were in trend in 2020. So every brand should start looking to create micro videos. Potential market is waiting there for all of you. Apart from the short video platforms all of the given below can be considered as micro content.

  • Memes
  • Images
  • Gifs
  • Info graphics
  • Videos

    2-Automation- When any process or machine is managed automatically it is called as automation. Itís like using the technology in such a way that it reduces the human involvement or efforts. Automation makes the lead generation very easy and efficient. It also reduces the steps involved in sales cycle. So automation will readily increase its incineration in 2021. This is one of the most important digital marketing trend to look for in 2021. There are many tools available in digital marketing industry which can automate your functions.

    • Customer.io- This is used to send interactive messages to your customers.
    • Facebook Pixel- This is a widely used tool used to optimize the conversions through Facebook ad campaigns. This tool tracks the traffic coming to your website and helps you to interact with them.
    • Genoo- It is used to nurture most of your marketing plans so that the maximum results could be achieved.